Tower District Rentals LLC is a family owned and operated property management company that is corporately headquartered in San Diego, Ca, with property in the San Joaquin Valley. We focus on investing near and around the Tower District in Fresno California.

alexmomThis site is dedicated to the loving memory of Wilma Mae Maldonado (1941 ~ 2014). The matriarch and rock of our family, my mother began investing in real estate in her early thirties. Starting out as a real estate agent with Century 21 C Watson, and being the very astute business woman she was, she slowly began to acquire investment properties throughout the course of her life. Encouraging her children to invest in real estate along the way, we bought our first building together when I was at the tender age of 27. Driven, blinded by ambition, and entrepreneurial in spirit, we are (I am)… my mother’s reflection. Her disposition could easily be described as warm, witty, supportive, patient, forever generous; but shot through with hints of sass, and stubbornness. Just about everything you’d find in a southern woman. So gone yet not forgotten, although we are apart, your spirit lives within me, forever in my heart… we’ll see you on the other side Mom.

-Alex Maldonado
Tower District Rentals LLC
Property Manager, Owner